Friday, June 26, 2009

More I crave.. more my heart yearns.. nothing else satisfies. Nothing else matters unless turned to the One. For the love of the One my breath draws hope.

Oh, to swim deep into the stream only to rise up anew, ever changed never to look back.

To the marrow... within the atoms of being.. only one desire screams out. Silent yearning, only one wish, one focus. Always failing, but never stopping- a fool's lament I live out. Trusting I hope, Trusting I know that one day... one day I may be worthy.

stained and far away, ever failing I must try harder.. for you.
For you, I know see me. You watch me. You know me better then I,myself. You will let me fall but in falling you draw me closer to you...

how can not the world see your merciful gentleness?

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