Monday, May 4, 2009

May, the month we take time to honor Mary

May, the month we take time to honor Mary the blessed mother of Jesus. How sad I feel for those who do not see the wonderful gift Jesus gave us when on the cross He gave his beloved, sweet mother to the world. What better woman to lead us lovingly to Jesus?

Blessed Mary how much you have helped me over my life by carrying my prayers to your son so divine. How much I hope that when I die and hopefully will be in Heaven I can have the wonderful pleasure of seeing how Jesus looks at you with his glorious tender love and how you look at Him. I bet all of the angels and saints in Heaven take pause to enjoy the love they witness. Of course I am sure that you never truly take your eyes off your Lord and Master your son. Like the angels your eyes are always on Jesus even as you labor to serve Him... what wonders..what wonders.

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