Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Obama-Why, Why, Why?

Why President Obama are you making these killing policies a high end priority for your young administration? this is what I feared when I voted for you. Don't you realize how many pro-life people voted for you hoping, praying you would focus on your social programs and overturning the horrific Bush policies. No, instead you allow tax payer money to be used no for abortions over seas, and now you are overturning the ban on embryonic stem cell research knowing stem cells can be used from adults and skin cells and triggered to turn into other types of stem cells.

We have too much death of the innocents. STOP! Stop the killing of the innocents, the unborn, the death machines of war, abortion, death penalty, legal suicide assistance, torture still going on by the CIA and Military... so much death... the spraying of chemicals by planes everyday over our country. The death of souls by the media, propaganda by oligarchies...

ENOUGH!!!!! STOP THE DEATH before God's hand is let loose on us all.

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