Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hushed Night of Man's Slumber

In the hush of the night, I wonder about the world. What type of a planet are we creating with our greed and laziness? I see nature herself fighting against the strains we are putting on her, the birds normal to this area are disappearing. The gardens for the past 3 years despite rainfall amounts are failing to produce normal amounts of produce. The Monarchs, bees, and other normal insects are out of kilter. The skies are no longer the sole domain of God, but have been infiltrated by chem trails. Unsettling times for our planet and for us.

Today there was a gorgeous deep blue sky, normal for fall. The chem trail planes were out in force leaving sick thickening trails of, god only knows what streaking the sky with growing white fake clouds. Except clouds aren't suppose to come from the back of an airplane. Contrails do not stay in the air and grow fat and spread until they blanket the sky. What is the purpose of this? Why is our government refusing to even address the obvious? Germany, and other European countries have admitted they used chem trails. None state as to the why or the what chemicals are they using. What will it take to get the masses to just look up to the sky and realize,"Hey, that isn't right. The clouds shouldn't look like that!"

How many times have I seen the crosshatched, tic-tac-doe type trails in the air? The total white out of the deep blue sky even when weather conditions aren't conducive for such conditions? How many more people are constantly sick from respiratory illness, or the ever popular flu-like illness diagnosis we hear about now over the last 5-7 years? How many people suddenly develop "allergies" that never had them before and no medicine seems to help? What is going on, and why do so few people seem to notice?

They fail to notice because too many are wrapped up in making through the day to get home and watch TV, play video games, get lost in mindless drivel. Now children can't even get in a car and just look out the window at the passing nature show in front of them, instead lazy parents plunk a dvd player in front of their eyes so they will be quiet. The family is more willing to spend all day texting inane messages about nothing to everybody under the sun. I praise the families that turn off the TV, make the children have to sit at the dinner table and have real conversation about their day and the world. I praise God for the good parents that take the tough path and teach their children to have good manners, to love nature, and respect all people. The parent that teaches their children to formulate their own informed decisions based not on a TV program, but from multiple sources like books, newspapers, and experts and not shills for agenda A or B.

I worry about the world today.. too many are blind to the truth around them for they rather look at the shiny trinkets held out by mass media and corporations. Too many watch only one news source and believe it as gospel truth. Discernment has fallen to the wayside, attention spans shortened so much in this immediate gratification age. When was the last time anybody has read a real book? Was it harder to focus on it? Did you find yourself fighting the first several pages just to get into the written word? I know I have a terrible attention span, even long web articles tax my mind because I find it harder to concentrate and retain long passages. How about you? Did you even read all of this or did you just fast scroll and skim?

I worry about this world in this hushed night of man's slumber.

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